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Mainsail Data Remote Computer Support

MainSail Data’s remote support technicians can repair most computer problems in a matter of minutes.  It is a simple process that begins with a phone call to our office.  After you contact our office for support we can safely and securely control your computer without even leaving our office.  Once we leave we can’t get back in without your consent.

Remote Computer / IT Support

Call our office to get your 6 digit code.


Connect to MainSail Data technician

Enter your 6-digit code:

What Does This Mean To You?

Instant support – We are working on your computer within minutes after your call and the average length of a remote support sessions is about 15 minutes. No need to schedule an appointment!

Lower cost – It is much cheaper than an on-site service call if the problem you are having can be fixed this way. It is billed by the minute. It is faster and easier on your wallet.

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Let MainSail Data help your business sail smoothly through the rough waters of the internet.