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Virus Removal and Malware Protection

If your computer is in need of virus removal or malware protection, We Can Help.  There are tens of thousands of computer virus’ and malware “living” in the internet and most everyone that has used a computer has come into contact with one.  Disabled computers, lost data, hacks and many other issues some into play everyday and that’s where we come in.  Mainsail Data will protect you, your PC and your company from these harmful attacks.  Stay Protected!

Video & Image Backgrounds

The Full Width Section provides an abundance of customization settings to make your sections look as unique and elegant as you’d like. Choose an image, solid color, or even a video to be your Full Width Section’s background. Control the border size and color, the padding, as well as the position of the section. This shortcode also has a unique effect that blurs and fades image backgrounds.

Video Backgrounds For Full Width Container

The same self hosted video backgrounds that can be used with our Fusion Slider make their way to the highly popular Full Width Container. Use color overlays, set color opacity, mute and loop the videos. Video backgrounds are perfect for adding visual appeal to your layouts.

Awesome Blur/Fading Effect On Scroll For The Full Width Background Image


Use as Many As You Want!

Use as many Full Width Sections as you need to create beautiful layouts that will capture your viewer’s attention. Set background images, colors or videos to span 100% browser width to make it even more interesting.

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